Articles in refereed journals

Main Publications

Brülhart M. and F. Trionfetti (2004) “Public Expenditure, International Specialisation and Agglomeration”, European Economic Review, 48 (4): 851-881. 

Crozet M. and F. Trionfetti (2008) “Trade costs and the Home Market Effect” Journal of International Economics 76 : 309–321. 

Brülhart M. and F. Trionfetti (2009) “A Test of Trade Theories when Demand is Home Biased”, European Economic Review 53, pp. 830-845. 

Brülhart M., C. Carrère and F. Trionfetti (2012) “How Wages and Employment Adjust to Improved Market Access: Evidence from Austria” Journal of International Economics, 86: 68–81.

Crozet M. and F. Trionfetti (2013) “Firm-level comparative advantage”. Journal of International Economics 91: 321–328.

Trionfetti F. (2015) “Public Debt and Economic Geography” International Regional Science Review vol. 38, 1: pp. 92-113.

Other Publications

Trionfetti F. (1997) “Public Expenditure and Economic Geography“, Annales d’Economie et de Statistique 47 : 101-120.

Trionfetti F. (2000) “Discriminatory Public Procurement and International trade“, The World Economy 23 (1): 57-76. Reprinted in Evenett, S. (ed.) “The WTO and Government Procurement» Edward Elgar, 2006.

Trionfetti F. (2001) “Public Procurement, Market Integration and Income Inequalities“, The Review of International Economics 9 (1): 29-41.

Brülhart M. and F. Trionfetti (2001) “Industrial Specialisation and Public Procurement: Theory and Empirical Evidence“. The Journal of Economic Integration 16 (1): 106-127.

Trionfetti F. (2001) “Using Home–Biased Demand to Test Trade Theories“, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv 137 (3): 404-426.

Trionfetti F. (2002) “Home-Biased Government Procurement and International Specialisation“, Economie et Prevision 152-153 (1-2): 141-150.

Brülhart M. and F. Trionfetti (2002) “Achats publics et spécialisation internationale : l’effet d’entraînement“. Economie Internationale 89-90 : 173-187.

Crozet M. and F. Trionfetti (2002) “Effets frontières entre les pays de l’Union Européenne : le poids des politiques d’achats publics“ Economie Internationale 89-90 : 189-208.

Annicchiarico B., Orioli F. and F. Trionfetti (2012) “National Oligopolies and Economic Geography” Annals of Regional Sciences 48(1): 71-99.

Ricci L. A. and F. Trionfetti (2012) “Productivity, networks, and export performance: evidence from a cross-country firm dataset”. Review of International Economics Volume 20 (3): 552– 562, (Special Issue in Honor of G. Gandolfo).

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Contributions to edited volumes:


Trionfetti (2002) «Home Biased Government Procurement and International Trade: Descriptive Statistics, theory and empirical evidence», in Sue Arrowsmith, Martin Trybus (eds.) Public Procurement: the continuing revolution. ISBN 90-411-9890-3

MultiFirms2004Trionfetti (2004) «The home market effect in a Ricardian model with a continuum of goods», in Mucchielli J.-L. and T. Mayer (eds.), Multinational Firms’ Location and New Economic Geography, Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2004. ISBN 1-84376-654-X.

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Coauthored books


Gandolfo G. with contributions by F. Trionfetti (2014), International Trade Theory and Policy.   Springer.

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